While Ricco specializes in Design & Installation of Electrical Work, Building Maintenance Services, Electrical Installation Licensing, Switchboard & Control Panel Manufacturing, we also offer other services such as Lighting and Power Design, Electrical Drafting services, and Cable Supply, Installation and Termination.

Design & Installation Electrical Work

Ricco plans and designs, selects and installs, commissions, tests, reports, maintains, fault finds and repairs system to a high standard. We work to provide a safe and reliable electrical installation and maintenance service in accordance with relevant standards. On top of these, Ricco also specializes in diagnosing malfunctions and programming & commissioning the automation systems of home and building. We are out to make sure every step in the process are done with full concentration, precision, accuracy, and attention to detail.

Building Maintenance Services

Ricco performs general repairs to buildings and preventive maintenance of systems and equipment. We focus on helping the customers to fulfill their need of having a safe working environment. We prioritize our work with their need in mind at all times. We work together with customers to assure that the best working environment is provided for.

Electrical Installation Licensing

Ricco provides full suites of licensing services for electrical installations to meet the clients’ growing needs. Our engineer will inspect and check all electrical installations and generator sets installed at the property are in compliance with EMA’s requirements. They will recommend necessary modification and rectification to existing installations to improve its reliability and performance.

Switchboard & Control Panel Supplier

Ricco is one of the suppliers of switchboard & control panel in Singapore. Our switchboards and control panels are of high quality but available at a competitive price. All of our electrical switchboard and control panels are comply with international standards and install by our experienced engineer.

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